Monday, June 28, 2010

Denise Milani Silicone Lines

Silicone Lines as a proof of Denise Milani's enhanced breasts

Friday, June 18, 2010

Paid for LA Superior Court

Ok guys, I paid for an Intelsius search and also for a LA Superior Court record regarding her case. Recently found out that Denise DID NOT win the lawsuit. I repeat, DID NOT! She needs to have an evidence that she is "DENISE MILANI" the court was asking her to pay more or less $100,000.00 to $250,000.00 to get her phony name. Seems like her old web company owns her fakename. I believe there is no trial set yet everything we read online was just a bluff.

The question still remains........ who is the real Denise Milani?

As what I've read on Askmen, she hires people to answer her mails because she can't even spell English words very much if you noticed on her YahooGroup posts and Facebook posts in the past month.

She is not who we think she is.........
Quoting Alex of

Ok Here is the real deal. Go to a for pay search site like Intelsius or USSearch and input the given facts and names. You will find out that Denise IS married to Jerry Trlica has a 10 year old boy and is 36 years old as of April 24 this year.
You will also see the correct address and if those facts do not convince you then you are living in a dream world and your brain should be studied by science when you die! That is all folks.
Incidently the boobs are false too just like she is!
Remember the effect of the Soviet regime taught all these people how to lie cheat or steal to survive because unless you were a card carrying communist you had to find out other ways to survive.
Denise is from one of the poorest parts of Czech Rep and her superior good looks and body melded with a gifted personality gave her the idea whatever sells regardless of moral status is valid and reasonable.
Frankly it is bes for all to forget her as she will try this once again. Makes one wonder what story Matt and Ishka have to tell. Maybe they are not at fault with all this. It can be anyone’s guess.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Denise Milani vs. Denise Trlica

I have been a loyal fan of Denise Milani.
I have been writing to her for over 3 years.

If you are really a fan of Denise. You can see that the one writing her emails, diary entries and captions on her photoshoots is a different person.

I am also following Denise's Official Fan Page as I write this, now I see that she is really not that smart.


Old Denise Milani: She writes intelligent, heart warming emails
New Denise Milani: Takes us for granted, never really replied and answers selfishly.

Photoshoot Retouching:
Old Denise Milani: Same retouching, sometimes her fingers are stretched.
New Denise Milani: Same retouching, seems like the rumors are true that her 52 year old husband is trying to learn how to use the computer.

Latest Posts:
Old Denise Milani: She expresses her different points of view about politics, books, business and life.
New Denise Milani: Just copies and pastes her new posts from youtube or from

Old Denise Milani: Smaller Boobs
New Denise Milani: Enhanced Boobs

Old Denise Milani: Was Much SMARTER
New Denise Milani: (Quoting Sam) is as dumb as a light post

You do the math, Denise was not really DENISE MILANI.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Denise Milani Trial

Lately, all over the web we see the press releases made by "Denise Milani."

I went to the LA Public records and got some documents saying that Denise Trlica and Jerry Trlica were the ones who filed.

I was able to be in touch with one of Denise's former clients, when she was still a massage therapist.

She really is 34 years old, married to a 52 year old guy with a 10 year old kid. Her former clients are saying, she should just be a massage therapist again and stop lying to people.

The truth about this WHOLE TRIAL IS:

Her husband was the one who screwed up Denise's website. Denise had a nice relationship with Periscope.

Denise married the 52 year old guy because she was very poor and wanted to come to america. There is no other way for her to get a green card because she is as dumb as a light post.

Ms Milani is really Mrs. Trlica of Glendora CA. No new pics becuse she screwed her partner who set up het whole web company!!!

Denise's last name is NOT Milani. it's Trlica and she lives in Glendora CA. Her 52 year old husband, jerry, and 10 year old son are kept a secret.
She should go back to her CMT business and be real again.

She is really Denise Trlica from Glendora CA. She is 35 and married to Jerry, 52, with a 10 year old son.
Former massage therapist on Route 66.
She befriends you until she gets what she wants and then abandons you.
Her boobs are real though! :)

Sam says:

Denise is a phony. Real name is Trlica, lives in Glendora CA with her husband, Jerry and son. Tosses out friends after she uses them financially to climb the later. She’s as dumn as a light post.